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9 months

9 months

Forgive me my fellow bloggers and readers alike for not being able to continue to write as often as I can. Now that I’m in school I can’t even continue my MBJ. Learning has taken a majority of the time but that is not the reason for my coming here today. Something big drew me to my laptop this morning, the 18thday of September. I’m sure I will not be able to post this tomorrow. LOL😉🙂

     A relationship that started months ago, a wonderful relationship between Vida and I and today we are 9 months into it. We celebrated each month as they came by. 9 months is surely not 50 years but surely we‘ll get there, one step at a time, poco a poco. We are glad however that the relationship didn’t break during the formation period and it only got stronger. 

    This ninth month in our relationship marks the birth of a baby (love). The outcome is beautiful but it went through lots of birth pangs, labour pains, shouts, kicking in the stomach, happy times, carrying that love for 9 months and today we carry our new born baby. I said 9 months wasn’t easy , neither is nursing and caring for the baby itself but surely we will watch our fruit grow into maturity and old age.

Vida and I couldn’t have grown closer during these months. A lot of times have happened for us and a realization which no-one can change or destroy except God for He brought us together. I have grown to love a woman who I first knew nothing about, only jokingly quarrelled in class week after week. I’m sure you’ve heard the story a 1000 times over. She’s the best decision I could ever make and I thank God for that.

Ok! Ok! Ok! I’d reserve the story this one time, because I need to tell you something. If you are in a relationship and it gets to 9 months, you know you have got something going  (a baby) that needs to be cared for. It is better to end it in the beginning stages than to wait for long. It wouldn’t be too late if you wait for long but you will cause a lot of pain. I have said before Love is not an event but a process. Most people don’t have love at first sight and even if they do, they have to take their time to allow their love to mature more slowly and more sure otherwise you risk an early divorce on grounds of not knowing what you were getting into and saying ‘I didn’t know that was how he/she was?’ Love is a whole new challenge but it is fun, love stays during the thick and thin, during the bad and good, during the hurt and the uplifting, during the annoyance and the motivation, love is very patient and generous, love is mutual and not selfish.

You may be probably looking for a dream person, a beautiful out of this world princess or a handsome strong knight…I’m here to disappoint you a little bit. When you are young they tell you it is a fairy tale, or you only see that aspects of it. If you want your love to be a blissful one, realize that there are times when the going will get tough but that is where the work is, not giving in. Challenging times will come but know that it doesn’t last forever.

I love her so much; being away from her for a period is a whole undesirable thing. I’m glad I have someone like her close to my heart. There’s so much to say because we virtually do everything together. They say being in the same school with your girlfriend is bad, you won’t be able to study and what have you…but that’s totally untrue, you get what you want. Strangely all our classes are alike, the time tables are the same and mind you we tried to separate our lecture times but it just wasn’t feasible, even courses we registered at different times and for which a computer will randomly group students into various classes put us in one class so our schedules are alike. Who said it was bad? It is good! Because we study together, when one doesn’t want to study or is being somewhat lazy, one drags the other to study. It is a whole experience, we go to the market, buy foodstuffs together (both financing…who said the guy has to be the one to bring money, when you both do it you value each other the more), we cook together ( oh sure I know how to cook)…

I’m sure I’ll write on the blog when our baby (love) reaches 50 years and we’ll be celebrating our golden jubilee.😛😉😀 All the best in your love life.

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